As the current eastern storm matures and proceeds N/NE into QC, another clipper impulse will swing in behind it and track along the lower lakes Wednesday evening. This will lead to a modest burst of snow for SW ON in addition to continuing lake-effect in the interim. Areas farther to the north aren’t liable to see notable effects from this compact system.

Once again this is the progression from the latest regional Canadian, spanning from Tuesday afternoon through early Thursday AM. This encompasses the ongoing storm in the east as well as the approaching clipper disturbance.

06z RDPS @ hour 12 / 24 / 36 / 48:


This next clipper could zip through parts of Atlantic Canada late this week with guidance suggesting some limited impacts for NL as it could remain on the weak/flat side.

The 00z European looks to be slightly stronger with this feature as it deepens into the 985-990mb range. The CMC and GFS are less enthused at the moment.

Also worth keeping a watch on for this coming weekend is yet another potential storm (or weaker disjointed waves, depending on the specific interpretation of events) which could develop off the east coast and take a path adjacent to coastal regions of NS and NL.

There isn’t an overly reliable chorus of consensus for this period at the moment but for now a course scraping NS and then near or over eastern NL is plausible over the course of Saturday/ early Sunday. The low is then expected to head off into the North Atlantic through the beginning of the upcoming week.

These are the depictions from both the overnight CMC and this morning’s GFS.

00z CMC @ hour 102 / 114 / 126:


06z GFS @ hour 96 / 108 / 120:


Although a pattern moderation is favoured for a spell next week ahead of a reloading NW ridge it may not come with a marked reduction in overall storminess.

Some support exists for unsettled conditions around mid-week for many of the same areas targeted over the near-term, though with a lower-amplitude pattern taking hold there could be more in the way of mixed precip introduced during that timeframe.

Needless to say there will be more info to come as we go.