A pattern evoking shades of the currently-established La Nina was in place for November, aided by periods of high-latitude blocking that served to keep a swath of cooler-than-normal temp anomalies fortified through the NW and across the Prairies towards the GL. Both east & west coasts trended slightly to the mild side overall while BC faced a particularly wet and stormy tenure. The most acute warmth was largely confined to the far north.

Here is a summary of the month’s stats and a verification of my November forecast.

November 2017 500mb / temps / precip


November temps vs forecast


November precip vs forecast


Week 1 November 1st – 7th 500mb / temps / precip


Week 2 November 8th – 15th 500mb / temps / precip


Week 3 November 16th – 23rd 500mb / temps / precip


Week 4 November 24th – 30th 500mb / temps / precip


Winter arrived early to parts of the west during November as arctic air and snow settled in for a sizable portion of the period before relenting as the month waned, generally reminiscent of a typical cold ENSO episode. This regime looks likely to reverse as December unfolds.

Milder conditions prevailed downstream across Atlantic Canada which is also within normal parameters for a La Nina-esque pattern. This helped to inhibit snowfall totals for multiple locales to a fraction of (rather modest in the grand scheme of things) November averages.

With the cold season upon us, precip stats have now been divided between rainfall and snowfall amounts. The precip graphs have also been switched to solely indicate snow totals.

YZF Yellowknife NT
Mean temp -16.3c / -13.7c (-2.6)
Extremes -2.1c, November 4th / -33.1c, November 22nd
Rainfall 0.6mm / 0.3mm (+0.3)
Snowfall 47.8cm / 36.5cm (+11.3)


YVR Vancouver BC
Mean temp 7c / 6.3c (+0.7)
Extremes 16.1c, November 22nd / -4.3c, November 6th
Rainfall 194.8mm / 185.8mm (+9)
Snowfall 0cm / 3.2cm (-3.2)


YYC Calgary AB
Mean temp -3.4c / -2.4c (-1)
Extremes 14.6c, November 26th / -18.9c, November 4th
Rainfall 0mm / 1.5mm (-1.5)
Snowfall 27.4cm / 16.6cm (+10.8)


YYZ Toronto ON
Mean temp 3.7c / 3.7c (0)
Extremes 17.1c, November 28th / -10.1c, November 10th
Rainfall 58.6mm / 68mm (-9.4)
Snowfall 1.2cm / 7.5cm (-6.3)


YOW Ottawa ON
Mean temp -0.1c / 1.5c (-1.6)
Extremes 14.1c, November 6th / -14.2c, November 27th
Rainfall 76.4mm / 64.5mm (+11.9)
Snowfall 13.4cm / 20.2cm (-6.8)


YUL Montreal QC
Mean temp 1.1c / 2.1c (-1)
Extremes 17.1c, November 3rd / -11.4c, November 27th/28th
Rainfall 79.8mm / 76.7mm (+3.1)
Snowfall 6cm / 19cm (-13)


YQM Moncton NB
Mean temp 1.9c / 1.9c (0)
Extremes 19.8c, November 6th / -10.6c, November 28th
Rainfall 101.8mm / 87.3mm (+14.5)
Snowfall 3.2cm / 19.4cm (-16.2)


YYG Charlottetown PEI
Mean temp 2.8c / 2.9c (-0.1)
Extremes 19.1c, November 3rd / -8.6c, November 13th
Rainfall 88.5mm / 93mm (-4.5)
Snowfall 6.3cm / 19.2cm (-12.9)


YHZ Halifax NS
Mean temp 4.2c / 3.5c (+0.7)
Extremes 17.9c, November 3rd / -7.1c, November 28th
Rainfall 143.1mm / 139.1mm (+4)
Snowfall 1.2cm / 16.6cm (-15.4)


YYT St. John’s NL
Mean temp 3.3c / 3c (+0.3)
Extremes 17.4c, November 7th / -6.6c, November 29th
Rainfall 110mm / 124.8mm (-14.8)
Snowfall 4.6cm / 22.4cm (-17.8)