BC has issued a state of emergency due to quickly-intensifying wildfires in the interior, the first such declaration on this scale since the infamous fires of summer 2003. Evacuation orders have been given for thousands; in the case of the fire near 100 Mile House the number is in the range of 3600 people.

As many as 138 fires developed yesterday as recent weather conditions have acutely heightened the risk, sparked in part by a trough moving in which has delivered unhelpful winds and lightning without much in the way of precipitation.

This is the most recent fire danger map from the CWFIS showing widespread extreme values for BC and the southern Prairies:


Also the head fire intensity map, which can be used to estimate the level of difficulty in controlling an ongoing fire:


Upper ridging which has been so dominant over the western part of the country/continent seems likely to continue over the span of the mid-range with the core of the anomalous heat likely centered through S AB and SK. This isn’t going to do much to improve conditions with the expected combination of heat and below-average precip.

Forecast 2m temp anomalies from the 00z GFS ensembles, days 1-5:


Days 6-10:


Precip anomalies, days 1-7:


A slew of new daily highs were also set across the region yesterday in association with the notable H5 ridge.

Here is the list from EC.