A prolonged stretch of very hot & mostly dry weather is in store for the west during the coming days as another strong upper ridge swells from the southwest/central USA and holds dominion over the region.

Heat warnings are now in place for parts of AB and will likely expand moving forward, in which case I’ll update this post.

Heat Warning

A very long period with maximum daily temperatures reaching near 32C or above and minimum overnight temperatures reaching near 16C or above will continue. This is forecasted to be an unusually long duration high temperature event and is currently expected to last for longer than a week.

Residents of and visitors to these regions are advised to take the following precautions to protect themselves, their families and their neighbours:
– Consider rescheduling outdoor activities to cooler hours of the day.
– Take frequent breaks from the heat, spending time outdoors at your house or at cooled public buildings (including malls or indoor pools).
– Drink plenty of water and other non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated beverages to stay hydrated.
– Do not leave any person or pet inside a closed vehicle, for any length of time.

Monitor for symptoms of heat stroke or heat exhaustion, such as high body temperature, lack of sweat, confusion, fainting, and unconsciousness. Particular vigilance is urged for vulnerable individuals, including children, seniors, individuals with pre-existing lung, heart, kidney, nervous system, mental health or diabetic conditions, outdoor workers, as well as those who are socially isolated.

For more heat health advice, including for vulnerable individuals, visit http://www.ahs.ca/heat.

Heat warnings are issued when very high temperature or humidity conditions are expected to pose an elevated risk of heat illnesses, such as heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

A look at the predicted 2m max temps (C) at select intervals from the latest 06z GFS.

Hour 96:


Hour 120:


Hour 144:


Precip anomalies @ hour 144:


Also a wider-scale view of H85 temps from the Euro ensembles through the medium range.

00z EPS 850mb temp anomalies, days 1-5:


Days 6-10: