EC has confirmed multiple tornadoes occurred in QC during the Sunday part of the weekend outbreak, two of which were rated at EF2 magnitude.

There’s no summary available but strong storms also affected parts of AB yesterday with high winds in the 80 – 100+km/h range being the primary impacts.

Red Deer has declared a local state of emergency as it deals with damage and power outages from the high winds.

The City of Red Deer declared a state of local emergency on June 20, 2017 due to widespread power outages caused by a severe wind storm. This gives the City to access additional resources including personnel and services from other levels of government.

The wind storm resulted in severe and widespread power outages which affected approximately 35% of residences across the city. Crews are working to restore power and clear downed trees across the city. The Water Treatment Plant continues to have power and water is safe to drink.

Update: June 21, 2017 at 1 a.m.

Electric Light & Power crews are assessing widespread power outages across the city. Some neighbourhoods may take longer to restore power due to the severity and volume of outages across the city. It may take up to two days to restore power to some areas. This is an estimate and may be subject to change.

Public Works crews are working to clear roadways and restore accessibility across the city. They remain focused on Red Routes (arterials) and Green Routes (collector roads). Crews will attend to Grey Routes (residential streets) over the next few days.

Parks crews continue to assess the state of City parks and trail systems.

The following parks and trail systems will be closed on June 21:

Waskasoo Park

Great Chief Park

Bower Ponds

Some schools may be affected by power outages. Please contact the school board for more information.

There are some watches in place for SK related to the same complex moving through in a weakened state.

I’ll update this if a summary is made available in the future.

EDIT: EC has a summary available now.

A vigorous SW flow has delivered warm & humid air to Atlantic Canada and led to a number of new high temp records being set yesterday, particularly in NL where the heat is likely welcome after a sluggish spring.

There’s been relative stability from guidance with respect to the progression of the medium range pattern.

A broadly cool and active pattern should be in place through a wide swath of the country as troughiness steadily pushes east and upper ridging flexes in the west. Numerous disturbances of varying intensities could swing through the trough axis while drier conditions hold sway through SW BC.

00z EPS 500mb height anomalies, days 1-5:


850mb temp anomalies, same timeframe:


500mb height anomalies, days 6-10:


850mb temp anomalies, same timeframe:


WPC total precip for days 1-7, depicting heaviest amounts through the US from Cindy and her eventual remnants: