We get a return to some heat and humidity this weekend, however come next we are back to below normal temperatures.  This weekend’s heat will come with chances for on and off storms, some severe, as Seaway Weather notes.

As mentioned previously the pattern wants to return to the trough in the east which also brings with it rounds of showers and low pressure systems every couple days.  Our normal temperature should be around 24 – 25c for a good portion of Ontario, however many days in the next 2 weeks will be around 20 – 24c.  Not so bad when you compare to other months were the normal temperature profile is much lower, however a little disappointing if you were hoping for lots of pool days.

Here is Environment Canada’s temperature outlook for the next 14 days:ec

Southwestern Ontario may escape the colder then normal temperatures and sit right at normal.

However, with Ontario being stuck in between the trough and western ridging, with heat to the south, opens the door for lots of low pressure systems to make their way through.  These rounds of rain and showers look to boost rainfall amounts in the east once again, continuing our very green spring and early summer:p168i

There are hints that the warmer humid pattern returns just before July 1st and into the first week of July, but that will have to be watched.  Remember, my Summer Forecast warned that we could be stuck with this trough pattern for portions of the summer…