And just like that, we’ve flipped over to summer.  The advertised pattern change from the upper atmosphere east trough has occurred just ahead of the middle of the month.  This puts those very below normal temperatures and persistent cloudy days behind us, hopefully for a while.

From today into next week looks above normal for most days.  We might see some showers around tomorrow into Saturday as stronger storms hugs the east coast and a very weak system moves through Southern Ontario.  Sunday into Monday looks to be the warmest and sunniest days with highs in the 30s and some humidity:Monday

However we could have a chance of severe storms from Sunday into Tuesday as some systems move though Northern and Southern Ontario.  Seawayweather talks about the potential for some stronger storms with those fronts.  We could have a cooler Tuesday as the stronger front moves through Monday night into Tuesday.

Come Wednesday – Thursday we are back into the heat:Thursday

However the returning heat is brief; come the weekend we look to return back towards normal.  This looks to last through to the end of June according to the Euro Weeklies as ridging in the West takes hold again, with a weaker trough pattern in the East.  I don’t think we will go back to the stronger trough and cool conditions we seen in May and early June.  Rather this means more normal days near 23c to 25c than really hot ones.  Still this is a much welcome change that our record low and wet May.  During this time I think rain will be near normal as well as systems continue to move through.

I will have a recap of my spring forecast compared to what actually occurred closer to mid month.