Remarkably varied conditions between the west and east coasts of the country will be the rule through the near and mid-range. H5 ridging will be in control for the west while a blast of stormy and winter-like weather will target the east.

The west coast will attempt to put a sluggish spring pattern as well as a recent series of lively upper lows in the rear view as a substantial ridge builds in and warmer, drier weather dominates.

06z GFS ensembles 500mb height anomalies, days 5-10:


2m temp anomalies, same timeframe:


It’s a whole different story for the east coast where a spring storm system with a serious wintry component is on the way for the holiday weekend.

Special weather statements, snowfall and rainfall warnings are up for NL and Labrador. The target areas mentioned in my previous post continue to look at highest risk for a dose of spring snow.

06z RGEM @ hour 24 / 36 / 48:


00z HRDPS total snowfall @ hour 48: