A consolidating area of low pressure moving through Eastern Canada late-week will have access to sufficient cold air to potentially deliver a dose of significant spring snow as it develops in the vicinity of NL & Labrador over the weekend.

This storm could deepen into the mid-to-low 980mb range and generate heavy precip for the Labrador coast and northern peninsula, along with strong winds for the region in general.

The storm looks to gradually weaken and drift away through the early part of next week.

This is the take from the 18z GFS model @ hour 72 / 84 / 96:


Total precip-type @ hour 120:


Also from the 12z Canadian model @ hour 72 / 84 / 96:


Total snowfall @ hour 120:


The 12z Euro also supports this outlook, intensifying towards 982mb early Sunday morning as the storm’s center tracks near the Avalon and a prolific precip shield develops to the north and west.

This comes just days after Gander finally escaped the long grasp of winter and dropped to a trace of snow on the ground, following an abundant pattern which generated the 2nd-longest number of consecutive days with snowcover on record (November 28 – May 14, behind only the notorious 2000-01).