Variations in elevation and terrain can often mean widely disparate forecasts in the westernmost Province, sometimes leading to frustration with info issued by EC as they’ve taken more of a blanket approach for this region until now.

In an effort to improve the situation EC has further delineated the area into smaller and more specific sectors with respect to their alerting system. This should hopefully allow for additional precision in their outlooks and warnings moving forward.

This is the page they have available today detailing the new breakdown –

With the new smaller forecast regions, meteorologists will now be able to issue more targeted alerts. For example, instead of issuing a heavy rainfall warning for all of Metro Vancouver, we can now focus our warnings for specific sub regions such as the North Shore and Northeastern sections of Metro Vancouver.

The following six weather forecast regions have been subdivided into smaller regions:

  1. Metro Vancouver
  2. East Vancouver Island
  3. Fraser Valley
  4. Fraser Canyon
  5. Sunshine Coast
  6. North Coast – Inland


There are additional images and particulars past the link above.