Prodigious flooding is forcing residents in various regions across the country to cope with a difficult, often agonizing, battle for property and belongings. In some instances this fight has already been sadly lost despite mitigation efforts such as sandbagging.

Interior BC and parts of NB have faced heavy rains and some flooding has ensued but ground zero for the worst conditions continues to be through QC and nearby E ON. States of emergency, evacuations, horrible damage and exhausted residents are the various facets of the event. Military aid and government assistance are welcome, although hard questions are already being asked about the timing given what has transpired to this point.

Here’s some spring 2017 precipitation stats for various locations, emphasizing how anomalous many of these values are against climate normals. Note that this is total precip and thus not restricted solely to rainfall.

YQG Windsor, ON

March precip – 104.6mm / 70mm

April precip – 93.4mm / 83mm

May precip (to the 7th) – 56.6mm / 89.3mm

YHM Hamilton, ON

March precip – 101.8mm / 68.4mm

April precip – 137.8mm / 79.1mm

May precip (to the 7th) – 82mm / 79.4mm

YYZ Toronto, ON

March precip – 67.6mm / 49.8mm

April precip – 110.8mm / 68.5mm

May precip (to the 7th) – 64.4mm / 74.3mm

YOW Ottawa, ON

March precip – 86.8mm / 64.4mm

April precip – 147.8mm / 74.5mm

May precip (to the 7th) – 112.6mm / 80.3mm

YUL Montreal, QC

March precip – 114.6mm / 69.1mm

April precip – 159.8mm / 82.2mm

May precip (to the 7th) – 75.6mm / 81.2mm

YGP Gaspé, QC

March precip – 89.4mm / 98.4mm

April precip – 76mm / 90mm

May precip (to the 7th) – 76.6mm / 89.2mm

The QPF outlook is thankfully quieter for most of the seriously afflicted areas over the next 5 days, via the WPC:


As Seawayweather noted in an earlier entry, snow has fallen since early this morning at my place. Here’s a picture of that scene:


The record snowfall at YOW for May 8th is 2cm from 1967.