Summary of the latest spring soaker in the books for ON & QC via EC.

This complex will continue it’s track into Atlantic Canada over the next couple of days where SWS are in place for NB and a variety of more wintry warnings are up for NL where freezing rain & snow are on the table.

06z RGEM accumulated precip-type @ hour 48:


The theme in the east will be stubborn to change through the medium range, with the next large disturbance on the move this week following a brief break in the action. The blocked flow suggests this storm may not be able to exit stage right all that quickly, leading to potentially prolonged cool and unsettled conditions.

00z CMC hour 96 / 108 / 120:


Total QPF for days 1-7 from the WPC:


On to the Euro weeklies, here’s the verification of the April 13th run spanning the period from the 20th to the 27th.


My version of the latest update.