First off, let me introduce one more awesome addition to the team.  Shane, who currently blogs on the Seaway Weather page, has agreed to join the team specializing in Convection thunderstorms and winter storms for Ontario, including covering Southern Quebec and the Montreal area.  His skills in convective storms will be an excellent addition if you want to know more about how these storms work or if you are an amateur storm chaser looking for someone that speaks your language.  Another great reason to check us out more often.

Yesterdays warmth and cold front that swept through triggered some storm across Southern, central and northern Ontario, however as expected they ran out of steam by the time they got to Eastern Ontario.  Biggest impact appears to be around the Sudbury region, Timmins and Southwest Ontario with what appears to be straight line wind gust damage near 100km/h.  Check out the Ontario Storm Tracker Facebook page (where I am a contributing member) for some pictures of the damages include downed trees, roof damage etc.  The Weather Network also has a good recap.

The cooler weather is making its way later this weekend with a high of only 9 or 10c in Ottawa on Sunday with clouds and showers.  Another pretty large, moisture heavy, low pressure is making its way into Ontario Sunday night into Tuesday, in the typical track northwest across the Lakes that’s occurred for months, bigmt discussed this here.

Temperatures should rise on Monday again ahead of the low pressure, however, not as warm as what we saw on the Thursday.  There is also a chance of thunderstorm Sunday to Monday with this system, however they may not be near the severe level we seen yesterday.gefs_qpf_mean_east_23

This storm will once again bring snow in Northern Ontario to the same region that got snow this week, from Thunder Bay and northeast. Take a look, this could translate to 20 cm on the ground again:gfs_asnow_ncus_18

The first 2 weeks of May do look wet and fairly cool with on and off rain until the following weekend.  Central Ontario and Northern ON still have the possibility of some snow showers if any system make there way through with these temperatures.  Here is a look at the total rainfall come May 14th with near 5 inches of rain in total for Eastern Ontario through to that date.  gfs total rain