Quick local update for YOW – April 2017 is now in 3rd place for wettest recorded April with 135.8mm recorded. 2005 (143.8mm) and 2011 (166mm) hold second and first place respectively.

Graphical daily breakdown of that via EC:


Cool, unsettled weather has put something of a damper on BC’s spring so far and has led to notable effects on the local agriculture and the industries surrounding it.

Here are the temp anomalies from February 27th to April 27th:


Precip expressed as a percentage of average values from Feb 27th – Apr 27th:


A few select locations and their precip values for both March & April 2017 vs normals:

YYJ Victoria BC

March – 132.2mm / 78.4mm

April – 71.6mm / 47.9mm

YVR Vancouver, BC

March – 199.4mm / 113.9mm

April – 127.8mm / 88.5mm

YXX Abbotsford, BC

March – 294.8mm / 149.3mm

April – 167.8mm / 117.8mm

YYF Penticton, BC

March – 32.6mm / 23.6mm

April – 66.9mm / 26mm

This follows a relatively nasty winter in that region but the ensembles hint at gradual improvement through May so we’ll see how that shapes up. Improvement would be well-deserved at this stage.

Hot and humid conditions delivered convective activity to ON yesterday and here’s the latest summary from EC on that front.

Next week’s large and fairly intense low through the central and eastern portions of the country continues to have widespread support from the global models.

This is the latest from the 12z GFS @ hour 84 – valid Monday evening:


The 12z CMC, same timeframe:


Finally, the total precip from the 12z GFS ensembles @ hour 132: