Everyone should get out and enjoy the warmer weather this weekend as the pattern looks to switch to cooler conditions for much of the remainder of the month.

Bigmt mentions this in his interpretations of the Euro weeklies.   The weekly long range outlook from the Euro weather model tend to be a little more reliable then others.  Bigmt can’t post the actual map from the model as it is a protected paid copyright image but he will provide you his interpretation of what the model shows in a map. At any rate, these weeklies are painting a below normal temperature pattern.

The GEFS model is also showing this (for example temps next Sunday):gfs-ens_T2m_us_42

As is Environment Canada long range (NAEFS) pattern:2017041300_054@007_E1_north@america_I_NAEFS@TEMPERATURE_anomaly@probability@combined@week2_198

This would translate to around 10 – 13c for many days over the next 2 weeks.  One thing to keep in mind is our normal daily higher temperatures are climbing everyday.  It is currently around 11 – 13c for many parts of Southern Ontario, so even a slightly below temperature could still be a decent day.  I did note in my Spring Forecast that I thought we should start to see a more consistent warmer pattern after Easter, but it looks like we have to wait until May for that to happen.