March 2017 500mb / 2m temp / precip:


March temps vs forecast:


Stats breakdown by select locations.

YZF Yellowknife NWT

Mean temp -18c (-16.8c)

Rainfall 0.6mm (0.2mm)

Snowfall 24.6cm (18.5cm)


YVR Vancouver BC

Mean temp 6.8c (6.9c)

Rainfall 199.4mm (111.8mm)

Snowfall 5.6cm (2.3cm)


YYC Calgary AB

Mean temp -2.4c (-1.6c)

Rainfall 2.2mm (2.2mm)

Snowfall 16.7cm (22.7cm)


YYZ Toronto ON

Mean temp -0.5c (0.1c)

Rainfall 57mm (32.6mm)

Snowfall 6.8cm (17.7cm)


YOW Ottawa ON

Mean temp -5.6c (-2.3c)

Rainfall 50.4mm (31.1mm)

Snowfall 57.4cm (38.3cm)


YUL Montreal QC

Mean temp -4.5c (-2c)

Rainfall 51.6mm (29.7mm)

Snowfall 57.6cm (36.2cm)


YQM Moncton NB

Mean temp -4.4c (-2.9c)

Rainfall 17.6mm (49.2mm)

Snowfall 53.1cm (64.5cm)


YHZ Halifax NS

Mean temp -3.5c (-1.3c)

Rainfall 48.8mm (86.9mm)

Snowfall 98.8cm (37.1cm)


YYT St. John’s NL

Mean temp -2.5c (-2.6c)

Rainfall 76.8mm (84.8mm)

Snowfall 78.5cm (57.3cm)


A storm will deepen as it tracks through the Prairie Provinces late week into the weekend, leading to a swath of snow on it’s northern fringe and rain to it’s south.

This disturbance will move into the east early next week and bring a shot of colder air in it’s wake.

06z GFS precip-type @ hour 120:



A broadly cool pattern looks is if it could take hold in the extended, with the core of negative anomalies likely bottled in the north and the possibility for milder conditions for the west coast.

00z GFS ensembles temp anomalies for days 10-15: