Finally some long awaited warmth will be making a brief appearance this week, starting today with temperatures near 18c around the GTA and 15c around Ottawa.  Tomorrow is even better with temps just above 20c around southern Ontario.  However we cool down come Tuesday, but still temperatures will remain above 10c the rest of the week into Easter weekend.  Normal temps this time of year is 10c.

Here is a look at the temperatures from normal for Ontario come tomorrow (near 10 degrees above normal):Monday

Here is the look for temps from normal mid week look (closer to normal and slightly below):Wednesday

However skies wont be all sun with the warmth as a storm looks to cut through the central part of the province on Monday bringing rain to Sault Ste Marie to North Bay and some mixing further north near Timmins.  By Tuesday another low pressure behind that one brings some rain to southern Ontario with cooler, near normal temperatures mid week as noted above.

For the most part the large moisture laden system seem to be taking a break with smaller systems making there way across the area every couple days. Besides today and tomorrow, the other nice day looks to be next Saturday April 15th.

Come Easter Monday temperatures look to cool to slightly below normal to near normal for the week of April 16th.