Finally starting to feel like spring across Ontario and Quebec while the east coast deals with another blizzard (about their 4th blizzard warning this winter!)

A whole lot of rain is coming to Ontario this week, with 2 systems affecting the region. One tonight into tomorrow, which will drop quite a bit of rain across the area.  The biggest impact will be in Central Ontario around North Bay – Sudbury and Eastern Ontario south and east of Ottawa. Below are the expected totals in inches from the GFS model:


The second system coming in Thursday and moving a little slower across the region dumps even more rain across the GTA and Ottawa.  This second system has the chance for some mixing or wet snow across central Ontario around North Bay and Sudbury as it moves east.  (Areas east and north of Montreal also have a chance of wet snow from both systems.)  Totals in inches come Friday:Friday GFS rain

Sandwiched in between the systems temperatures look near to above normal, however they drop below normal when both systems pass through, particularly Thursday and Friday where temperatures may only be 4c to 5c across the region.

However things look to really improve come next week.  I see a couple 15c+ days as a possibility, especially Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Take a look at the forecasted temperatures across the region in Fahrenheit come Tuesday April 11th:Tuesday April 11

Temperatures look to return closer to normal after that, past the middle of the month, may be even slightly below, however our daily averages are getting warmer everyday.

I would say it’s safe to take off those winter tires now Ottawa 😉