A soggy and/or messy regime looks set to unfold for both the west coast and the GL-eastward through the course of the medium range, with multiple lows affecting these regions.

The current satellite view depicting the ongoing NL storm and the next disturbance heading into the east:


This is the 06z GFS ensemble mean total precip @ hour 240 / day 10:



The incoming eastern low will advance as the Atlantic Canada storm plays out, leading to a soggy early spring setup for ON and a sufficient supply of cold to allow for mixed precip and some snow for parts of QC, NB and possibly SW NS. The threat of heavier snow seems to have diminished for other locations in the Maritimes as the disturbance passes to the south and subsequently degrades.

Here’s the interpretation from the 06z RDPS, hours 24 – 36 – 48:




Doesn’t look as if there will be much of a delay before the follow-up storm makes it’s move later in the week on a broadly similar path – it’s visible in the lower left corner there.