A noteworthy system is making it’s move on NL; set to deliver hefty snowfall and/or a mixed bag of precip depending on location:


Guidance advertises this low to potentially intensify into the mid-to-low 970mb range as it tracks through over the next day or so.

This is the 10:1 snowfall map via the latest 12z HRDPS @ hour 48 – eastern sections are expected to mix out and back in before it’s said and done:


Relatively warm air should hold sway over the Prairies and into Central Canada for the early part of the medium range as per the latest 12z GFS ensemble’s running mean for days 1-7:


Pattern looks to be active for ON, QC and eastward despite the expected milder conditions. Two lows in quick succession this week as previously mentioned with some degree of CAD on the table for the Maritimes.