Yesterday’s 10 cm of snow in Ottawa puts us over the 300 cm mark for the season and places this year in the top 10 snowiest winter.  Impressive!

Looking ahead I think we finally done with major accumulating snow.  The next 2 weeks look normal to slightly above normal for most of the country (BC is the exception).  Temperatures look to be in the 5 c – 13c range across Ontario on various days.  It will also continue to be wet with systems moving in every couple days.  For the most part they look to be all rain, but couldn’t rule out the odd mixing event in the further north areas (Ottawa and north) if the rain occurs overnight.

Here is the GFS model outlook for temperatures near to above normal for the next week:April 9And then through to the middle of April:April 15Also, I would like to welcome my friend Mike (Bigmt) as a guest author on my blog.  He has a wonderful array of weather knowledge with an knack for making it easy reading. I am really looking forward to his posts, and I know you will too.

Hopefully you like the look of the new page.  It should make it easier to follow both of our posts.  Also on the right hand side of the page you will see the posts broken down by categories and a search option which should make it easy to find what you are looking for.

Bigmt will be helping me cover a wider range of topics, so he can provide lots more information of weather across Canada as well as long range pattern outlooks.  I think this will be your new favourite weather weeny website 😉