Well sorry Ottawa if you were hoping for the end to winter…like last Friday another wet snow system is making its way through southern Ontario.

This time hopefully we wont be as surprised by the totals like the last system.  Models have been flirting with the highest totals from Peterborough to Bancroft and west to Ottawa and Montreal.  Models have been indicating some of these areas getting near 25 cms, but I think between the warm ground, and some of the snow falling during the day, the max on the ground would be 10, maybe 15 cms.  Areas further south around the Great Lakes like Belleville to Toronto will be around 2 cm before the change to rain.

Timing looks to be late Thursday evening into Friday overnight.  Here is my thoughts for the totals:March 31st

BTW currently there is a nasty system on the East coast.  Like I said in my last post, winter isn’t done there yet. Things look to be warmer over the next 2 weeks here in Ontario.  A lot closer to normal; near the 10c mark.  However, I’m not ready to say areas like Ottawa are completely out of the woods for snow.  Ottawa averages 11 cm in the month of April, so it won’t be impossible to see more snow this month.  Long range models keep hinting at some chances; there certainly wont be a shortage of low pressure systems coming through Ontario and east through to mid April.

On another note, there will be some changes coming up for my blog page.  For one, I am inviting an author to join me in posting blogs.  I’ll save his name for a surprise later on, but those on the weather forums will know his name.  His expertise and excellent easy to understand weather recaps will be a welcome addition.  Also the look of my blog will change so you can see blog posts from the multiple authors and a slight change to the title.

I think you will enjoy this page even more coming up!