The storm that went through yesterday certainly was large and stretched over a huge area bringing rain to many parts of Ontario and one heck of a blizzard in Manitoba and parts of Saskatchewan.  Take a look at the storm on the satellite this morning stretching from the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico:storm

In behind this storm cold weather will slowly be entering Ontario.  Last week the cold did not look as strong on the models, however the cold is entrenching itself even stronger than the shorter range models were showing.  This means two things; 1) Most of storms that I mentioned last post will be pushed south of Ontario, with snow showing up as far south as North Carolina this weekend, and 2) we may end up with very cold lows around on Friday and Saturday night.  It could get around -21c in Ottawa, which may end up being colder than last weekend (after I said it wouldn’t be any colder this month 😉 )  That’s because we only got to -20.5c last Saturday when the forecast was -24c.  Here is the temperatures come Saturday AM:sat am

Looks like we hold on to the cold until Monday when things start to warm a little.  However, I see cold as the main feature for next week until around March 18 – 19th when it moderates.  Still cold looks to take hold most of this month, however as our daily highs are starting to climb, being below normal towards the end of the month, cold could mean high temperatures around -2c to -4 c.

Here is the long range temperatures from normal around March 23rd:March 23

I am not seeing any real big storms on the horizon, as I mentioned the stronger cold will push many of the storms away from the region.  I do see March 14 – 15th as a possibility however it looks to stay mostly on the US and Canadian East Coast.  After that around March 16 – 17th is possible but this looks to be mostly south of Ontario.  March 20 -21st looks to be the next system that mostly effects the Ontario region, but it’s pretty far out to predict right now.