We are coming off a week of insane weather conditions.  With many locations across Ontario breaking warmth records to thunderstorms last night in many locations (including my house) it been crazy.  That was the first thunderstorm I’ve experienced in February that wasn’t from thundersnow (info definition here ) and with a temperature of only 1c.  All thanks to our La Nina winter pattern, and likely some climate change influence.

We have more warmth and rain today with a system cutting through central Ontario.  Rain and freezing rain will even make it’s way through North Bay and Sudbury area with all rain to the south.  After that we cool down to around 0c to +5c for the early part of the week before another system arrives Wednesday night into Thursday.  Once again because of the SE ridge this one cuts west through central Ontario, with more freezing and rain likely for the same areas we are experiencing today:wed-night-storm-mar-1-2

It is possible this storm cuts further south and regions in Central ON and Eastern ON get some snow or freezing rain, either at the front end of the storm on the back side.  I’ll keep an eye on this one.

Just to note what a difference a week of warm weather can make.  We went from 77 cm on the ground last Saturday morning to somewhere near 20 cm.  Take a look at these comparison pics from last week to this week:post1



Now if you are getting used to this warm and thinking its an early spring, think again.  Early March will punish us for all this warmth.  The SE ridge gets squashed behind next Thursday’s storm and cold Arctic air moves in behind it and sets up camp over our region as the upper atmosphere pattern changes.  This means daily high temps below -1c and lower pretty much from March 2 – March 13th.  Take a look at the air temperatures compared to normal:

March 9th:march-9-temp

March 12th:march-12-temp

I wouldn’t rule out snow from Alberta clippers during this time.  After mid March the cold looks to retreat a little but still I expect mid to the end of the month to be cooler and unsettled compared to normal.  It should improve for April with warmth returning.

Speaking of cold, my good friend Wes is currently travelling the Dempster Highway in the Yukon in his Jeep with a friend from the UK that runs a Land Rover outfitter store and a blog on his adventures.  Take a look at some of the photos.  You can read about their adventures in his blog here