Lots of opportunity for some snowstorms in the upcoming pattern.

First off, the US Northeast seaboard into the Maritime’s just got one heck of Nor’easter with many spots for east of NYC to Boston and into New Brunswick and Nova Scotia with near 30 cms of snow.  Another one looks to be taking aim in the same region early next week, more on that below.

Tonight into tomorrow we are enjoying some light accumulations thanks to a clipper that is moving through Ontario.  Southern Ontario around the GTA should receive around 5 cms with the typical lake effect region receiving more.
Ottawa and around Eastern Ontario should receive around 5 cms into tomorrow AM, however with our colder temperatures its possible we receive higher ratios and end up with near 10 cms.
The bigger story is a storm that is taking shape Sunday night into Monday.  Another clipper looks to merge with a bigger storm from the south that is taking aim at Eastern Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime’s.  Some models are hinting at accumulations in the 20 -30 cm range for many of the above locations.  The storm will then really develop in the Maritime’s again and “bomb out” with 972 mb low pressure giving near blizzards conditions come Monday.
Here the look from a couple models;
Here is the look of the storm when it “bombs” on the coast:
I will have a snow map out later Saturday night or early Sunday.
The long range
Like I said more snow opportunity look to occur around the Feb. 15 – 17th period.  Temperatures next week will be near to slightly below normal.  However, the Polar Vortex/SSW conditions I spoke about in my other posts look to target the other side of the North Pole later into February.  The means the really cold Arctic air will head for Russia rather than southern Canada.
This should set up a pattern change to allow some warm air to make its way here come the Feb. 19th – 24th period. Right now it looks like temperatures would be in the near 0c to +2c range for many parts of Southern Ontario.
Here is the predictions for above normal conditions in the 14 day period:2017021000_054007_e1_northamerica_i_naefstemperature_anomalyprobabilitycombinedweek2_198
However, don’t count on an early spring just yet!  Long range models look to bring winter back in late February early March.