Most models are trending warmer and weaker for the storm tomorrow.  This means less snow and freezing rain over a large area with an increase in rain and warm temperatures.  However areas like the Ottawa Valley risk quite a few hours of freezing rain tomorrow night before a brief warm up.  Also winds will be increasing tomorrow evening with strong gusts near the Great Lakes.  With the freezing rain and wind there is a risk of some power outages in central and Eastern Ontario. Heaviest snow will be from Sault Ste Marie over to Sudbury and north of North Bay.

Here is my map for the storm:feb-8-final

The snow totals in Eastern Ontario include the snow we are receiving tonight which is an area that sort of broke off ahead of the main storm.

The timing of the storm has it starting Tuesday AM in Southern Ontario and arriving in Eastern Ontario late afternoon overnight into Wednesday AM.  It will get colder behind the storm after the warm up so take advantage of that for clean up before the re-freeze.

Stay safe everyone! As a snowlover I wish I was in the purple area 🙂