Update on the storms this week.  A small clipper storm zips through Ontario on Sunday dropping around 5 cm in central and Eastern Ontario, maybe 2 cm around Southern Ontario and above 10 cm around Sault St. Marie over to North Bay.

The larger storm is coming through Tuesday – Wednesday.  Here is the look from the GFS model:tuesday-pm-gfs

This is a large storm however with its track cutting through central Ontario the heaviest snow will be north of the low in Northern Ontario.  Some regions could get a little over a foot snow in that region.  Further south it will be a real mess like many of the storms that have come through this year.  Ottawa to Montreal looks like it could be an interesting mix of snow, freezing rain, rain and then back to snow.  Further south in Ontario will also see a mix but more rain than anything else.

Here is my initial, potential map for this storm.  Shifts in its track or strength could effect amounts so I will update this come Monday as we get closer:feb-8-storm

It looks to get very cold briefly behind this storm with then a few more smaller storms in the 11th to 14th time-frame.  The long range temperature profile is still hard to predict.  It looks like we will have a brief warm up mid February and also the potential is still there for the SSW/Polar Vortex activity at some point as I discussed last post.