A weak Alberta Clipper will be crossing just south of Ontario tomorrow, and then move through Eastern Ontario into early Wednesday morning.  Clippers usually don’t have a lot of moisture with them and tend to move quickly though the region, hence the name.  Although the ratios should be decent with this storm with some colder temperatures in place.  Meaning that it wont take as much moisture to get accumulating snow.  You can read more about ratios here.

In general, this is a 2 – 5 cm event, however areas from London ON to Niagara Falls could get near 10 cm with this event.  Amounts will be even lower around Ottawa and central Ontario as we are just a bit too far north.  Probably only a trace to 2 cm around Ottawa.

Here is the GFS model map accumulations in inches:clipper-gfs

After that things look pretty quiet weather wise, aside from the Lake Effect regions which can again expect snow squalls throughout most of the week into the weekend with cold upper air and warm Great Lakes.

What will be nice is we should see sunnier days this week with High Pressure nearby, after suffering weeks of clouds and unsettled days.  The warmer upper atmosphere pattern we just went through in winter is often associated with general cloudiness due to less warmth and radiation from the sun and colder air near the surface.

As previously noted, February is looking colder so far, with temperatures mostly at or below normal and perhaps only the odd warm day.  Our next storm potential looks to be around Feb 5th – 6th and maybe near February 10th.