There has been some pretty major shifts to the east in the models today.  This makes sense given that the center of low pressure is off the US east coast.  Its actually pretty impressive that the area of precipitation is spreading so far into Ontario and Quebec.

Here is my updated map:storm-post-2

I am basing this map mostly on the GFS and Euro model.  The CMC/GEM model that Environment Canada uses mostly has accumulation closer to 15 cm around Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.  So we will see which model is right.  Also most of Eastern Ontario, Southern Quebec can expect sleet/ice pellets or freezing rain to mix in at times.

Toronto  and areas along the Ontario/Erie Lake shore will likely have little accumulation given the warm ground with lack of snow cover.

Timing has the storm starting late in the afternoon Monday January 23rd in Southern Ontario spreading east into the overnight and finish up in Eastern Ontario late Tuesday evening.