Hope everyone had a great Christmas.  It was nice to see the snow stick around even though we had a warm up on Christmas Eve and the freezing rain and rain on boxing day.  The pattern is now getting ready for a reload of a few smaller storms.

First, here is the look for the upcoming temperatures (I expect near normal for most of Southern Ontario)2016122800_054007_e1_northamerica_i_naefstemperature_anomalyprobabilitycombinedweek2_198

The Storms

A couple smaller storms will be making there way across Southern Ontario in the next week:

Dec.29 – This system should bring a general 5 – 8 cm across Southern, Central and Eastern Ontario starting early tomorrow morning.  Watch for mixing or rain near Lake Erie and Lake Ontario as temperature warm to near 0c.  Ottawa and extreme Eastern Ontario could get to 10 cms as the system strengthens over Quebec and New England to give a full on blizzard to regions of the Que eastern townships towards New Hampshire, Maine and New Brunswick.

Dec.31- Jan 1 – an Alberta Clipper moves through Central and Eastern Ontario with a general 5 cm accumulations.  Its current track keeps points south of the GTA with little to nothing, but this could change.  Watch for mixing again near the lakes.

Jan.2 – Jan.3 –  another system wants to cut west across the Lakes around this time so watch for freezing rain changing to rain for southern Ontario.  Extended periods of freezing rain possible again for Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.

Jan.4 – 5 some models want to bring another storm across the lakes following the other storm, which could mean more rain or freezing rain.  This one is a little too far in the future to be sure.

Happy New Year everyone!