…And I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight, “Happy Christmas to all, and to all in Ontario, it looks white!!!”

The warm up is here, and some minor melting is underway for most of Southern Ontario, luckily most regions will have enough snowpack to last until at least 7 am on Christmas Day.  I think the Niagara region and areas on the north shore of Lake Erie towards Windsor are in the most danger of losing their snowpack , however enough should last to Christmas.

Here is my final map:ontario-map1

A weak disturbance is coming through Southern Ontario tonight into tomorrow morning.  Areas around the Great Lakes and the GTA and later on in eastern Ontario to Ottawa will see some rain or mixing with the event, however it looks fairly light in nature.  The larger Colorado low cutting west that I have been taking about in the other posts will arrive late Christmas night into Boxing Day.  Again, areas east and north of the GTA to Central Ontario and Eastern Ontario look to suffer through a 4 – 6 hours period of freezing rain before the warm up and change to rain.  Travel plans may suffer from the period of 8 am – 7pm in these areas.

I expect many regions in Southern Ontario will hit somewhere between 6 – 10c at the peak of the warm up, however it’s pretty brief and a return to near seasonal (slightly above) returns on the 27th.  The models are still flirting with something around the 29 – 30th.

Merry Christmas to all.  I am happy to enjoy a white Christmas after a green one the last 2 years.