Sorry for the late update, busy time of year!  Plus the models have been all over the place with this storm, so it’s been hard to nail down.  At this point, this is my final thought:dec-18

Watch for mixing with rain towards Southern Ontario with maybe freezing rain towards Eastern Ontario up into Ottawa.  The upper levels will be warming up with the storm tracking right over Southern Ontario but the air at the surface will be hard to move out after our Arctic outbreak of frigid temperatures the last 2 days.  Especially over the Ottawa Valley which traps cold air in the lower level and can result in freezing rain.

Behind the storm on Sunday will start out cold and warm up by mid week as the Arctic retreats back up north and Pacific air takes hold once again.  This is the same feature I have been discussing in the Christmas posts.  The warm air will bring with it some multiple storm chances from Dec.22 – 30th, including a potential storm on Christmas Day through to Boxing Day.  Like I said before these storms may track west and bring rain or mixing again.  This warm up to normal temperatures may stick around until the second week of January.