Eastern Ontario has slowly been loosing its snow cover all week with temperatures near 1c and no frost in the ground.  Most of southern Ontario has been snow free since mid week.

This week we are now heading into above normal temperatures and with a couple GLC storms bringing warmth, wind and rain.  The first storm on Monday night into Tuesday around Ottawa and central Ontario will start with freezing rain and mixed precipitation before the change over to rain Tuesday afternoon.  Everywhere else in Ontario (except Timmins area with more snow before a change to rain) sees all rain.

Here is the mixed precp snow areas (in blue and purple) ahead of the main storm as these areas hold on to the low level cold:tuesday-storm

The next storm follows the same path Wednesday night into Thursday which should finish off any snow on the ground:thursday-storm

We will then see things return to normal come Friday into Saturday (normal is around 1c). The rain will be a welcome event for parts of Ontario who have been struggling with below normal rainfall for months.  There have been wells dry that could use the rain before the cold sets in.

The following week looks near normal with a few days below normal and a couple storms which may bring mixed precipitation.

Come Dec.11 – 12th a major change to cold temperatures looks to be coming with good agreement amongst the models. Here is the look at that time period:dec12

This will feel like a big change to winter.  This looks to be the pattern change that I have been talking about for mid month.  Big question, does it come with snow and storms, does it stick around until Christmas and beyond?  To early to tell yet…