Models continue to target Eastern Ontario, especially Ottawa down to Cornwall and Brockville.  My map numbers might be under done for these aresa, there could be 20cm that fall in this region come the end of the day Monday as the storm is slow to exit the area.

Next Week

It will be interesting to see how much stays on the ground for the coming week. Temperatures will be near normal to slightly below (1-2c), climbing to near 3c by the end of the week.  Another wet snow/rain system moves through Thursday – Friday.  Although it will have a similar track compared to tomorrow’s storm, it doesn’t look like it will intensify until it hits the east coast. More on that later.

It will be interesting to see how the next 2 or 3 weeks play out, remember, the long range models show warmth for December.  However indications are that temperatures stay near to slightly above normal (2-3c) for the next 15 days for Eastern Ontario and above normal for the rest of Ontario.  Therefore another wet snowstorm could certainly be possible with those temperatures.  Here is the long range model look for December 2:long-rang-dec-2

But then cool to normal air returns with well below air nearby by December 5th:long-range-dec-5