A day away and there is still some differences between the models.  However, I will take a stab at a snowfall map.  Please excuse the map and colours, I have to work on finding a better template LOL.snowfall-map

I am keeping the totals in some spots on the lower side of the models because of the border line temperatures and the still fairly warm ground.

Timing will be rain overnight Saturday turning to wet snow by Sunday morning from west to east.  Snow will intensify Sunday evening over eastern Ontario as the secondary low pressure system takes charge.  The system will also slow Sunday overnight into Monday in the east.


Ottawa: 5-12 cms, possibly more in eastern and southern sections

Belleville: 1-5 cms

Toronto: Trace of snow around the GTA

Sault St.Marie: 2-5 cms

Timmins: 5 -10 cms

Montreal: 10-15+ cms, possibly less in the southern and eastern sections.

Lake Effect regions:

My weather friend Travis has posted this map for the Lake Effect regions.  He is great at forecasting these areas:


Enjoy the snow all 🙂