Models are still throwing out some crazy numbers for Eastern Ontario, although they are starting to get closer to each other.  A couple of model runs have an all out blizzard between and around Ottawa and Montreal!

Still I think the target area for the biggest snow totals will be from east of Kingston, Brockville to Cornwall and Upstate New York to the west section of Montreal.  This area could get 20 cm or above.  Ottawa and areas south and east like Merrickville, Kemptville, Winchester, Embrun, Cassleman and Alexandria could also get a good amount, possible near 20cm.

Remember ground temperatures will be near 0c so we might not see this much stay on the ground.

Here is one of the stronger models runs from the CMC/GEM model, the black isobar lines indicates the strength of the pressure around the low pressure, the closer they are together, the winder the conditions:


I will have a snowfall map out tomorrow.