Quick update on the snow event for today, the models are still very insistent on bringing accumulating snow to central and eastern Ontario starting this afternoon into the overnight.  The temperatures in the upper atmosphere are cold enough, but at the surface the will be near the 0c range.  Combine that with a warm ground, we will likely not see the accumulations the models predict below (this is in inches by Friday morning):


Still places like Bancroft and around the Algonquin Park region could see 5 – 10 cm on the ground, as well as the highlands around Collingwood.  The rest of the region get maybe 2 cm of slushy snow, including areas around Ottawa and Peterborough. East of Ottawa likely gets less as more rain mixes in.  Areas closer to the Lake Ontario likely see nothing, perhaps some flakes in the air, this includes the GTA, Belleville and South western Ontario.

Fear not, it wont last long as temperatures will be on the rise Friday into Saturday with another round of light rain Saturday.

Also the long range continues to show things becoming warmer than normal (Normal between 8 – 10c) with only the odd short cold period. I currently dont see another event like this in the near future.