Beautiful weather yesterday with sunshine and a nice breeze with a cooler night and less humidity in Eastern Ont… great to have the windows open to air things out.  I have to say I prefer that kind of day to the extreme heat and humidity.

Speaking of heat, get ready for another heatwave this week with temperatures at 34c and near 40c with humidity by Wednesday – Thursday.  Once again conditions are extremely dry for all of southern and central Ont. and entering into a severe drought around Belleville-Trenton and the Niagara region:


Little relief is in sight except for the chance of convective storms later this week into the weekend as a couple of weak fronts move through.

The temperature look closer to normal again Sunday – Tuesday, however more heat builds in again.  Most models, including the Euro model has things warm the rest of the month with maybe a period closer to normal the week of August 21:


We shouldn’t complain because before you know it, winter will be here.  Its been a great sunny and warm summer,  best we’ve probably had in 5 years its too bad there hasn’t been more convective storms for moisture.

Speaking of winter,  things look on track to be neutral or weak La Nina which typically results in more snow for our area,  and could build water levels back up.  Here is Accuweather look at what a weak La Nina typically (but not always) does for the pattern:


I will have a fall forecast ready later this week.  Sneak peak… what you have been seeing lately is what we get…