Last week turned out fairly decent despite the convective clouds and odd shower and thunderstorm that stuck around Eastern ON with the humidity.  This long weekend also turned out nice as the various models were at odds as to whether a series of small systems would impact Southern ON with rain, however they stayed south in the US but did impact Southern ON and areas around, London, Kitchener the western GTA and Niagara with some showers and thunderstorms, some even turned severe.  It would have been nice to get the rain, but I will say I have really enjoyed the weather this weekend, especially Saturday with crystal clear skies, warm days and cool nights.

Things are now starting to heat up this week, with temperatures likely in the 30’s with humidity maybe reaching the 40’s.  Some models don’t have the heat building this far north, as you might notice Environment Canada keeps temps around 28c for Eastern ON, however I think the heat will make its way here.  This will probably also bring the chance of convective storms.  I’m quite certain Southern ON will get the heat,and even Central Ont around Sault Ste. Marie and North Bay should also be above normal however a front near around Friday should bring things closer to normal in that area for the weekend.

The long range has things near normal for the rest of the month, however warmer around southern Ont.  Despite this outlook, I think we will continue to see heat waves this month:



Again dry weather is the theme this year.  I can’t recall a summer with this many sunny days, at least in a couple years.  My thoughts are that rain may eventually  come this fall with perhaps tail ends of tropical waves and left over hurricanes that could impact Southern Ont….