Looks like a nice week coming up if you are on vacation. The excessive heat is sinking south for now but temperatures should remain above normal this week (30’s with some humidity) trending towards normal (27-28c) by the long weekend, especially for Eastern Ont. There is a front crossing today that should give some showers and thunderstorms to Southern Ontario, and later this afternoon into the overnight in Eastern Ont, however I think it will be scattered once again.

The next 10 -14 days looks warm, particularly in Southern Ont.  Sympathies to the East coast who have been having a cool summer thus far:


There has been some drought relief in Eastern Ont from scattered convective storms, but quite localized in some areas. Things remain really bad around Southern Ont and the GTA into the Niagara Peninsula.  I suspect we’ll see the impact later this year with rising costs of local produce.

recent drought