I’m sure you have all heard people say how hot it’s been the last 2 months, and especially in July.  But has it really been that hot?

Let’s take a look at Ottawa and Toronto for June:

Ottawa Average Ottawa Actual Toronto Average Toronto Actual
High – 24.1 c High – 25.2 c High – 24.2 c High – 26.1 c
Low – 12.9 c Low – 11.8 c Low – 13.0 c Low – 13.9 c
Mean – 18.5 c Mean – 18.5 c Mean – 18.6 c Mean – 20.0 c

Here are the temp anomalies from normal for June:


You can see that Toronto was about 2 degrees above normal however Ottawa was average to slightly below along with the majority of Ontario.

Now how about July so far:

Ottawa Average Ottawa Actual Toronto Average Toronto Actual
High – 26.5 c High – 27.3 c High – 27.1 c High – 29.4 c
Low – 15.5 c Low – 14.0 c Low – 15.8 c Low – 17.6 c
Mean – 21.0 c Mean – 20.7 c Mean – 21.5 c Mean – 23.5 c

And the anomalies to date for July:july

You can see that things have reversed and areas around Ontario are cooler while most locations in the province are normal to slightly above.  Toronto is once again 2 degrees above normal but Ottawa is normal to only slightly above.  So things are really pretty normal here compared to S. Ontario.  However what is nice is that we are having a fairly warm summer rather than a cool one like the last 2 summers.

Once again we are running well below normal for rain.I think the lack of rain and increased sunny days certainly makes the summer seem hotter.