Things finally starting to warming up after a pretty brutally cold Sunday into Monday.  Temperatures look to be slightly above normal until Saturday into the weekend when we go above 30c and some humidity makes it was by Monday and dropping back to normal by Tuesday – Wednesday through to the rest of the week.

However once again things will be dry, so while it will be a nice stretch of sunny weather, the farmer likely wont be happy.  I see only about 3 or 4 days of potential rain over the next 15 days.  I think things will be normal to slightly above through to end of the month.

Here if the NAEFS which looks normal over the next 15 days for S.On and S.

The long range GFS model (GEFS) thinks it will be slightly above normal into the end of the month:gfs-ens june 29

I could certainly see some warmer temps making there way in and out for the rest of the month.  The good news is that the extreme cold plung and blocking amplified pattern seems to be done.  This is in part to the final death of El Nino and the turn to a weak La Nina.  However most long range forecast where banking on a quicker turn to a stronger La Nina to really get the summer hot, which it maybe a slower turn.  Still I think August will be the warmest and possibly September.  The long range models also show things continuing to be dry for Eastern Ontario.  This will probably be a tough year for crops in the east as well Southern Ontario and Southern Quebec