Well it was sure nice to see the rain even if it was on a Sunday.  My grass was almost greener by the end of the day!  While my area got a decent amount of rain (22 mm west and south of Ottawa), we actually need a lot more.  Ottawa recorded 36.4mm under a couple heavier bands, Montreal was around 32 mm and Kingston and west and north towards Toronto received 18 – 20 mm.  Areas around the St. Lawrence scored big, like Brockville with 53 mm of rain under heavy bands and thunderstorms that the models predicted.  There was also some pretty intense storm in Southwestern Ontario yesterday around Sarnia and Ayr ON.

We get a few more chances of some scattered rain this week as the same low pressure system sits and spins in Northern Quebec for a few days.  It will also pull down some really chilly air Wednesday – Friday with highs 6 – 8 degrees below normal (16c – 18c).  Things should improve by the weekend into the next 15 days with temperatures near normal (21-23c).  I don’t see any major sustainable heatwaves in the long range yet.  What we can say about this June is although it will likely be cool like last June, it should sunnier.