Looks like EC and TWN models are finally coming closer to agreement for this weekend and early next week.  TWN got a little warmer, and EC went a little colder.  Lowest temperature for Ottawa will probably be Monday at 8c.  Areas around the GTA will be colder around 6 or 7c and areas north of the GTA have a chance of some wet snow on Monday.  Things should improve by mid week.

If you are feeling glum about the cooler temps next week, at least you aren’t in Newfoundland.  A weather friend out there took these pictures of a full blown blizzard yesterday.  St.John’s airport recorded 49 cm, YIKES!


Meanwhile out west things continue to be warm and dry, even with a slight cool down recently.  Things are starting to get really dry in BC and Alberta, this could spell doom for forest fires this year…


Also if you are interested in Severe summer storms, my weather friend Seaway has a blog that provides lots of storm details including conditions around the Montreal and Eastern Ontario area: