Hope everyone enjoyed our sunny and warm weekend, some locations in Ontario topped 23c on Sunday, a full 10 degrees above normal!

Southern Ontario enjoyed one more day of warmth today while Eastern Ontario and Southern Quebec felt the effects of a low pressure system with showers and lower temps.
Looks like we have another week of mostly above normal temperatures before a small low pressure system moves through on Friday and sweeps in some cooler air for the weekend and next week.  This will set the stage for a colder upper level atmosphere ridging pattern out towards the end of the month.   You can see this in the below image of the 3 main weather models height anomalies outlook (Euro, GFS and CMC):
This means the upper level air will be colder than normal centered over Quebec effecting Ontario.  This long range outlook (Environment Canada – EC) also notes temperature will likely be cooler than normal across the region:
So this blue colour doesn’t mean it will be back to winter conditions…what it does mean is temperatures at the surface, where we feel it,  will be at or below normal, and is likely for the next 8 – 10 days.  Normal is currently 13c in Ottawa and Toronto and increasing every couple days.  I could certainly see a couple days next week around 9 or 10c if we have a persistent north/northwest wind with this set up. So don’t go planting any flowers yet, as we could certainly have a couple nights below freezing.
This pattern will eventually break down for the first of May and we soon could be back to those 18c+ weekends.
More to come on the May outlook later this week.