I was an active member and moderator on a favorite weather forum, until recently when the administrator bigmt, went MIA and shut the site down.

So what happened to this wise weather man:


He has gone into hiding like this wise man.


An internet search has turned up nothing except that Big Mt seems to be a mountain in the game Fallout…I then released that this wise yet social media recluse man will be hard to find.  I’m gonna have to go at this old school and hit the streets to find him.

So I’ve got about a 600 sq. kilometer area to search. From past pictures I’m looking to find a on older farm house with about 2 or 3 barns around it…uhmmm, shouldn’t be too hard to find 😉

I’ll update later this spring and summer on the results of my search.  Stay put my weather friend; I will find you…